Corporate members

Corporate member of the dex can be any natural person or corporate entity. Corporate members do not take direct action, but promote and encourage the goals of the german experts association.


  • Attorney Sebastian Jungnickel
    Public commercial law (in particular water/wastewater and waste supply and disposal) Commercial and corporate law
    ENREGIS is a dynamic company with staff members who are specialized and experienced in rainwater management, drainage technology, renewable environment heat technology and the accompanying services.
  • HTI Gienger Markt Schwaben
    HTI-Group, Trade Group for Construction and Industrial Engineering
  • MARTIN Membrane Systems AG
    With the experience of more than 40,000 membrane systems installed in the fields of marine, municipal and industrial water treatment, Martin Membrane Systems has managed to make membrane technology economically viable for world-wide applications.
  • Sovereign-Tech Mumbai
    Leading technology solutions for the Metal Machining, Water and Waste Water Industries. Sovereign Tech was incorporated in Mumbai, India in January 2002 with the prime objective of introducing Modern, Innovative yet Proven Technologies, Concepts, Products
    UNITECHNICS KG Umwelttechnische Systeme
    The experts of UNITECHNICS are dealing with the topics odor, corrosion and extraneous water since 1990. Today UNITECHNICS is one of the leading companies for the design and implementation of solutions against odor, biogenic corrosion and extraneous water
  • VTA Austria GmbH
    “Verfahrens Technologische Abwasseraufbereitung” - “wastewater processing driven by process engineering”